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Sherlock and the Adventurers: The Case of the Biological Conspiracy


Terror reaches London when a detachment of the French army visiting the capital of the British Empire is attacked. Scotland Yard takes over the case and Queen Victoria demands answers. But only one boy knows who might be behind the attack.

In this third adventure of the young Sherlock Holmes and the Adventurers, the stakes are higher than ever when six French soldiers lose their lives in an intricate plot involving the Great East Company, Mr. Brown, and the sinister Baron of Silesia. In a game of lies and blackmail, the henchmen cross the English Channel to entice the young Louis Pasteur.

With his sister kidnapped and her life in danger, Pasteur joins Sherlock Holmes, Irene Lupin, and Nikola Tesla to investigate the Baron's plans before it's too late. The adventurers uncover a diabolical plot capable of shaking the foundations of the empire and endangering the British Crown. Among villains, murderers, and terrorists, Sherlock will discover that his family also has dark secrets to hide.

Embark on this plot of intrigue, mystery, and adventure and discover how a restless and determined boy became the greatest detective of all time.

For Young Sherlock and the Adventurers...

The Game is Deadlier Than Ever!

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