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Sherlock and the Adventurers: The Problem of the Machine Calculus


IN THIS SECOND ADVENTURE of the young Sherlock Holmes and the Adventurers, he will need to use all of his cunning to uncover the sneaky plans of the Great East Company. Exploring the underworld of London, he has no idea just how far Mr. Brown and his henchmen are willing to go to get rid of them in order to carry out the Baron's sinister plans.

When all the efforts of Sherlock Holmes, Irene Lupin, and Nikola Tesla seem to fail, the gang must turn to a new ally. It's Ada Lovelace's turn to leap into action, a young mathematician who will become one of the leading scientific minds of the Victorian era and one of the founders of modern computing. Facing the wrath of murderers, the cleverness of a slippery thief, and the animalistic fury of a prehistoric monster, Sherlock and his companions will need much more than luck and courage to survive this new adventure.

Follow this plot of intrigue, mystery, and adventure and embark on the memories of a boy destined to become the greatest detective of all time.

For Young Sherlock and the Adventurers...

The Game Continues!

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(only in portuguese)

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