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La Dame Chevalier and Solomon's Lost Table


The murder of a soldier in a military hospital in Morocco starts a race for a priceless artifact that has been missing for over a thousand years: Solomon's Golden Table, the King of Kings, which grants its yielder the wisdom of a thousand sages.

And when the Bureau's investigation reveals that the murder weapon is the same one used in the murder of La Dame Chevalier's parents, she decides to travel to North Africa in search for answers and the artifact. Accompanied by the young Justine Carbonneau, the two go into the desert in the midst of a war between the empire and the Berbers, who are fighting for independence.

But Chevalier has competition. Mercenaries, led by the mysterious organization Ostia Mithrae, also intend to claim the treasure and are willing to eliminate anyone who dares stand in their way.

Ancient legends will emerge, while Chevalier will follow in her father's footsteps to recover the lost treasures of Solomon, the King of Kings.

It’s 1927 and there is a new protector of the French Empire.

In the service of Her Majesty, Queen Catherine, she is known only as La Dame Chevalier.



Cabinet of Curiosities

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